The Trouble With Windows Updates

Since the release of Windows 10, Microsoft has made leaps and bounds when increasing its usability and the productivity people are able to achieve while using it. However, as most people who use it will tell you, there is still one giant flaw in the way it works, Windows updates. Users have reported everything from stuck loading screens to damaged or missing data. These windows updates themselves are seemingly unstoppable and will download and install at their own pace, on their own schedule, costing companies thousands of dollars in lost time. So what can be done about them? Many people attempt to disable them only to find that as soon as they restart their computer they start back up and continue working as if nothing had ever been changed. Well, we here at TJD Technologies have a few tips to help make sure your company isn’t losing time and money when dealing with these unstoppable updates.

First, you want to make sure before the newest updates comes out that you have downloaded and installed all previous updates. If a new update is dependent on a component of a previous one, the newer update may fail to install correctly. Most people see this through the perpetual loading screen, that will sometimes last hours or even days. Others will see their computer attempt to restart and install daily. Restarting, telling you there was an error, restarting again, loading back into Windows and then finally prompting an error box informing you the install has failed, and it will try again at a different time. This can cause hours of lost time every single day the computer attempts to install until the process is completed successfully.

Next, you will want to make sure that if you’re working on a laptop that it is plugged into a power source and, if possible, hardwired to the internet with an ethernet cable. Most data damage that can happen during a Windows update happens when the computer is shut off or disconnected from the internet while the update is happening. These updates are changing Windows dependent processes and applications that are required for the computer to function correctly. If the computer is stopped or shut off in the middle of these, the applications can become corrupt or unrecoverable, resulting in the data loss that some users experience.

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Lastly, the easiest way to deal with your computer running Windows updates is to hire a managed service provider. They are professionals at dealing with the day to day use of Windows 10 and everything that could go wrong in the process. When using a managed service provider, updates can be managed through endpoint management software that will suspend these updates from running until an appropriate hour, normally during non-business hours. This does two things, it prevents the business from losing time while employees are attempting to use the computer and, if something were to go wrong, there will be time for the issue to be resolved before the employees are attempting to use the computer again. In the event that data were to become damaged or destroyed by Windows updates, a managed service provider will also, normally, have a backup of all business machines. This makes it very simple to restore programs, files, or even the entire operating system in a very short period of time.


So while there are best practices for users to use when dealing with the Windows updates process, often times there will be issues or processes that happen that most people are not familiar with. If a process fails or data appears to be lost or unrecoverable, a managed service provider may already have several systems in place to deal with these issues. Whether that is a known good configuration or complete backups of your business’s computer systems. They have the experience and technical know-how to make sure your business will never be held back by IT problems.

If you are ready to stop worrying about your IT problems, contact TJD Technologies today and let us show you the full potential of your IT systems.


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