A TJD Technologies Case Study: Matt Wilkinson – Realtor 

 TJD Technologies, LLC www.tjdtech.net (904) 479-5774 info@tjdtech.net 

 Matt and Naomi Wilkinson – Realtors 

100 Corridor Road, Suite #101, Ponte Vedra Beach, FL 32082 

(904) 280-1115 


Matt and Naomi Wilkinson offer concierge-level services for home buyers and sellers in the Ponte Vedra Beach area and have been named Realtor Partner of the Year by the Northeast Florida Builders Association in 2015 and 2016. With experience working with construction superintendents and builders directly, they have a particular strength in helping people with new construction. 

What kinds of information technology challenges led to you reach out to TJD Technologies for managed IT services? 

With a staff of four people, we have six or seven machines. As a small business you don’t have a staff member for that kind of work, so we called TJD and asked about getting some help with technology. TJD Technologies was integral in helping us bring on a full-time employee. We needed to provide her with a workstation and move from a home office to a shared office with six machines among the four of us. We needed technical support to make sure that we could share files and that the appropriate backups were occurring on the machines so that we have a safety net. We wanted a cloud-based file system and go-to IT support professionals that are there when you need them 

How has TJD Technologies helped you and your business? Describe your overall experience. 

Being without a computer is detrimental to keeping the team productive. Now we can access our files and create records with the volume of customers and level of detail our industry requires. This is particularly important when nearly every real estate transaction has the potential to be one step away from being a legal matter. TJD helped us go from an inefficient Dropbox platform to implementing Google Suite where we can share files and a shared calendar that all four of us can see and keep up in real-time. Now all of our computers, phones, and tablets are talking. As a layperson, you’re told that you can use GSuite to support your business, but the challenge is in getting it all set up. TJD helped us get files transferred over, and in some cases remoted in from time to time to help us work out bugs. They were able to spot a hard drive failure on our office manager’s machine that was covered under warranty. 

Based on your experience, what sets TJD Technologies apart from other computer support companies you have used in the past? 

We have used a different IT company in the past to help us with our equipment, but they were very impersonal. There was always a “we’ll get to you when we get to you” attitude. They felt very robotic and didn’t seem to care about the customer experience. TJD Technologies gave us a feeling that they had our best interests at heart. You can be a technical genius, but if you can’t communicate with the customer and make them feel important, then your business is going to suffer. 

Is there anything else that you’d like to share about your experience working with TJD Technologies? 

We have four users. Two are Mac people, and two are PC people. One would think that when you talk to someone in an IT support business, they work with one or the other. TJD was confident and able to work with both platforms, and that made us much more comfortable.