Small Business owners losing sleep at night

IT Project Management, Small Business owners losing sleep at night

Small Business owners losing sleep at night

In a recent survey of more than 1,100 U.S. small businesses, Wasp Barcode Technologies produced a State of Small Business Report that reports on some of the distinct challenges that small businesses face in 2016. Inc. summarized the report which shows some of the top challenges for small businesses include hiring new employees (50 percent), increasing profit (45 percent), employee healthcare (43 percent), growing revenue (43 percent), and cash flow (36 percent).   While many of these concerns will continue to keep entrepreneurs up at night over the next few years, according to Greg Petraetis, Chief Operating Officer, Midmarket and Partner Ecosystem, for SAP North America, there are four emerging issues that will surface over the next five years; keeping up with and managing technology is at the heart of several of these concerns.

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