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With hurricane season right around the corner it is important to make sure that if something happens to your business, your data will be preserved. The National Weather Service is predicting at least 13 named storms with 6 of those becoming major hurricanes during the 2018 season and some believe the real numbers will be even higher following a very active 2017 season.

With such a high chance of one of these storms impacting our state and local area, many businesses are starting to assess the risk of physical or water damage impacting their major computer systems which stores most of their business data. A CBS study found that the number two cause of data loss in the last 5 years was not hackers or system failures, but damage and outages due to unforeseen circumstances such as fires, floods, and hurricanes. There is a misconception that taking back ups means one should have their data stored in another device or external hard drives, what most don’t realize is that these devices, if stored on site, are just as vulnerable to damage as the machines they are backing up.  With TJD Technologies we take the uncertainty out of the future of your data.

Florida hurricane, destroyed data, data continuity nightmare.
Will your business data survive?

Our state of the art cloud backup solutions take your data securely offsite and store it in the cloud. Making sure that no matter what kind of natural disaster may strike, your data will be safe, secure, but most importantly, recoverable. Our solutions act almost like another drive on your computer which you can manually save your data to, or can be configured to take automatic backups each day to make sure the most recent versions of your pictures, documents, and files are backed up and you are able to pick back up right where you left off. In an interview of businesses who utilize cloud backups most reported they are able to resume normal business operations in less than half the time of those who use only traditional backup solutions.


Companies we have spoken to in recent months have all been shocked at the affordability of our cloud based, off-site backup solutions. With the way we purchase our hosted, encrypted cloud space we are able to match and most times beat the cost of traditional hardware and software solutions. And because we can automate the process it takes away the uncertainty of whether the backups were run. Each day a report is compiled and emailed to us telling us the amount of data that was backed up and what time the backup ran. If any machine fails to report that info a ticket is automatically generated and sent to all technicians in our organization.

Cloud backup and storage
Ensure the data of all of your business devices by backing up to the cloud.


Lastly we’d like to tell you about the reliability of our provider’s servers. These world class servers are located in geographic areas of the United States known to have the least chance of any type of natural disaster. The site they are located on includes backup generators to prevent any kind of power off down time. As if that wasn’t enough they also utilize a series of server backups at a 2nd location which can be used to restore all data to their main machines in the event something were to damage them. With this type of assurance that your data is protected you will be able to rest easy and never again wonder if you will be able to get back up and going after the unexpected.


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If you are ready to take the next step in ensuring the integrity and security of your business’s data contact TJD Technologies today. We will work with you around your schedule to make the initial analysis and on-boarding process as minimally invasive and carefree as possible.

You can reach us by phone at (904) 479-5774, by email at info@tjdtech.net, or through our website at www.tjdtech.net


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