TJD Technologies is a company built from a love for computers and a desire to help others succeed with technology. We strategically mix a high level understanding of computers and networks with a high level of customer service. With this we are able to have lasting relationships with our clients and deliver custom IT solutions. Communication is key when it comes to using technology in your business.

A love of technology and a neighborly approach to customer service helps define TJD Technologies. With 10+ years of documented experience in and around IT in many forms we strive to provide top notch services to our clients. With customer service being a top priority we pride ourselves in communication to our clients.

There are 3 qualities
that distinguish us from competitors

1. customer retention

Retaining an existing customer can mean more to the bottom line than a new one. According to Bain & Company, a 5 percent increase in customer retention produces a more than 25 percent increase in profit.

Petraetis writes, “To reduce churn, you need to be agile and aware of your customers’ wants and needs. New technologies are emerging to help small business owners better understand their customers at an affordable price. It’s helping them quantify data and make smart business decisions.”

How TJD helps: TJD offers a number of free Business Intelligence reports to help inform your business decisions, and because we work with hundreds of customers from all industries, we are well versed in a number of solutions that might best help you anticipate your customers’ needs.

2. DEveloping the right culture and brand

For any business owner, developing a culture that reflects your mission and vision and helps attract and retain both customers and talent is critical to success.

“Whether it’s building a workplace that is diverse and inclusive, defining and executing on your mission of doing business responsibly, or building the culture that you want your business to reflect, building your business’s image will soon be a top priority versus a ‘nice to have’,” Petraetis explains. 

How TJD helps: By providing reliable technology and unlimited support, TJD contributes to a company culture that supports employee productivity, less stress and overall satisfaction.

Preventing or detecting threats at the earliest possible moment is critical when your sensitive data is at risk.

Security is a vital component of your network, with the growing number of attacks, hacks, data breaches and ransomware attacks to name a few. Properly designed and implemented security greatly improves data security and business continuity. BYOD could expose your sensitive data to the public. TJD Technologies certified security experts can analyze and improve your network security.

How TJD helps: TJD provides automatic backup of your desktops, network and email to help mitigate the risk of a breach. We also offer laptop backup and can help secure your mobile devices. We can quickly restore your data and you are always protected with the latest antivirus, anti-malware and firewall solutions. We can also help you create policies that support data security for your organization.

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